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@Peter Harrap

Look at these comments. It happened in 1976, but for several years in a row, it was common to see airships over the Paris region. This is still the case today.

Do your research in this direction.The archives saved by Isaak Koi can be valuable to cover this period.
Peter Harrap
  • 2. Peter Harrap (site web) | 19/01/2019
You need to find witnesses to the best sighting in the Paris area, that took place in the skies above the motorway out of Paris passing by Cergy-Pontoise in the period between may and June of 1982, when in the afternoon ALL traffic on the motorway came to a halt in BOTH directions, when an enormous spaceship came and hovered over us on the motorway , for around about 20 minutes. It was the biggest machine we have ever seen, but not a "disc-shaped object" because although circular it was cylindrical, and there were several stories (etages) visible, all with windows, very very clear vision of it as the day was bright sunlight and it was very low overhead, and stationary throughout the time it was there. If you can estimate exactly how many people would be in vehicles on a Saturday afternoon on the motorway, all staring with all vehicles halted in both directions as far as we could see, it must at least have equalled the Solar Miracle" of Fatima in terms of the number of witnesses, but it is not on the Internet, because it predates the internet.

The ODD thing was that though there were three of us in the car, we did not ever discuss it, and on going home it was not mentioned en famille. I wonder if it affected everybody else in the same way, but since then, I have searched the web for references and found none at all, so you would need to advertise to get witnesses in.

I am a trained experienced photojournalist with more than 50 years experience of looking very carefully at what is in view, and not given to lying, or making stuff up.
Patrice Galacteros
  • Patrice Galacteros | 21/01/2019
Well that's a new one ! Complete control of the crowd ! Some people dream it but Peter Harrap lived it ! Question : Why it is only now that you are talking about it ? PS : are you the one who made this video : https://youtu.be/Su6AaZiPWwA which at first was about Cergy-Pontoise july 2016 and now the guy pretend it is about Lyon.
Provost Charles
  • 3. Provost Charles | 14/01/2019
Les temps changent, arrivons- nous à la fin d'un cycle? je le pense.
Ovnis Paris évolue, des réflexions sur la possibilités d'autres mondes mais aussi sur la possibilité d'une autre forme de vie concernant l'enveloppe de notre
esprit se font jour.

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