Les proto Starship SN5 et SN6 (L'histoire en train de se faire !)

Lets look at the cool little differences between SpaceX's SN5 and SN6's Starship Prototype Test flight side by side!

I usually don't make videos like this, but people have told me I have to start making content that I can put out more easily and more often so here goes! Hope you enjoy.

As always all feedback is welcomed, especially criticism. I want to know from your point of view, if I need to explain things less, or more, or... well I want to know how to get better at doing what I do. So... Thanks!

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Footage provided by SpaceX. The footage has been slightly cropped and enlarged to fit well in a 4k frame.

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00:56 Slow-Mo Commentary
02:58 3rd Pass
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