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Key steps for frequent observation of Plasmoid anomalies:
1- Infrared and/or short radiowaves(radar) spotting.
2- The use of very high optical magnification, dual or triple optical systems.
3- Direct signaling to the anomalies spotted. Some Anomalies will change behaviour and body geometry in response to "smart" signals.

As the stars are masked by the sky scattering of visible light in daylight so are many small objects in the atmosphere. This masking effect is lower in the infrared portion of the spectrum and even lower in the short radio wave portion. Dual or triple optical systems exploit this fact: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_QAJWYxaY8

Dynamic/adaptive camouflage is used by cephalopods in marine environments as it is used by Plasmoid Anomalies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eKQpjG4eMU

From video footage data the "best" that we can imply is the anomalous character of a given manifestation and further comprehensive research is needed to expand this basic claim, local phenomena usually have local explanations or causes.

The observational data available on plasmoid anomalies and recent research results on the physics of complex plasmas strongly suggest that some Plasmoid anomalies could be plasma based lifeforms. Strong emergence is pervasive in Reality and Life is a strong emergent phenomena in complex systems.

Some anomalies respond with flares to direct light signals in daylight or at night, others had responded by morphing into digit shapes correlated to the signals sent to them:

A pragmatic and objective approach to Reality can only be bounded by Reality itself: fresh consistent observational data takes precedence over any preexisting ideas, theories, any particular individual, organization/institution and over older data. The reality of Anomalies is a claim supported by multiple consistent independent observations, even reported by military personnel and as "radar angels" by radar operators frequently.

Unquestionable and immutable dogmas are the domain of cults and religions but not Science. We refuse to blindly follow the herd since following uncritically what is "mainstream" or common sense is a clear expression of complacency.

The study of flying patterns allows us to discern when a flying object has autonomous dynamics like a drone, man made drones in many shapes makes these studies extremely relevant.

For example any elongated or irregular drifting/floating object in the atmosphere always will have a tumbling dynamics, this "simple" fact automatically implies that an elongated or irregular flying object without any tumbling movement has an autonomous dynamics, in particular a balloon-like object moving without tumbling and with "rigid" tether has autonomous dynamics so it is a drone or something else.

Watch "Balloons Dynamics vs. Drones Dynamics":

We define Anomaly as any object or manifestation that exhibit "anomalous" properties or behavior that indicates some form of autonomy or aliveness.

Common observed anomalous properties/behaviors:

1- A "rigid" elongated flying object showing zero tumbling, including a "rigid" tether.

2- Any object with Variable surface "topology": like for example changing from a "0" to a "5".

3- Any object that responded to direct signals by flaring.

4- Any object that released secondary objects or split in multiple parts and then these objects/parts continue to move autonomously.

5- Any flying object being followed and/or surrounded by multiple anomalous objects.

This channel reflects an ongoing research effort studying Plasmoid Anomalies and as result of these observations new knowledge and insights are being added cumulatively, we expect people to follow this development as it is impossible to re-explain everything in any new video-post, playlists can help with that.

The nature of this subject forced us to use Youtube as the best output for these studies and we thanks Google for allowing that, real Science can be done anywhere and nobody have exclusivity on it.

Knowledge should be passed on and even if you are not doing direct observations you can make your contribution by sharing this knowledge with people that could be interested in it, or you can also help translate videos to other languages using the following link:


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