Operation Highjump | : Trouver et détruire la base secrète des Ovnis Nazis.


Un bon résumé de cette affaire : L'histoire, la légende, le debunking

Operation Highjump commenced in August 1946. It was the largest, most heavily armed naval task force ever sent to Antarctica.

Leading the mission was Admiral Richard E Byrd, one of the most famous naval officers in history.

The official purpose for the expedition was scientific research and military training. But that was just a cover story. Operation Highjump had other goals.

One was to extend American sovereignty over Antarctica. Something that was denied many times by the US government.

Another was to locate and destroy a secret Nazi base. AND, capture the nazi's new secret weapon: the flying saucer.

UFOs were seen all over the area; suspected to be Nazi test flights. Admiral Byrd was sent to find out.

When he finally arrived to Antarctica, he found a lot more than that.

Let's find out why.